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Rapid screening and quantification of heavy
2022-09-17 11:05:37   

Chinese herbal medicine is a unique medicine for preventing and treating diseases, but traditional Chinese herbal medicine is easily polluted by heavy metals. In this study, high sensitivity X-ray fluorescence (HS-XRF) was used to determine As, Pb and Cd residues in Chinese herbal medicine. This method combines a single wavelength excited energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and a fast basic parameter method. Each test only takes 10~30 min, and the cost is 1/10~1/5 of the standard method. The results showed that HS-XRF method could determine the concentrations of As, Pb and Cd in Chinese medicine samples, and the results are consistent with those determined by ICP-MS. The detection limits of As, Pb and Cd were 0.093, 0.232 and 0.114 mg/kg respectively. HS-XRF method is an ideal method for heavy metal analysis with higher efficiency and lower cost than ICP/MS on the premise of ensuring the accuracy and accuracy of the determination.

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