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Application case of public security and food and drug environment
2022-07-19 09:12:57   

Elemental Fingerprint Spectrum of Explosive Fragments

(1)Application overview
There are a variety of elemental components in explosives, After the explosives explode, they will contaminate the soil or the surface of objects, and fragments of the explosives will remain at the scene. Therefore, determining the explosives and their types by the elemental components is the key to obtaining physical evidence.
  The key points in the analysis of explosive element composition and content are trace samples and micro-area analysis, and at the same time, multi-element standard-free quantitative analysis is required. The PHECDA series of high-sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with Fast Fundamental parameter method emerged as the times require, which are capable of multi-element quantitative analysis in trace samples, and support the function of spectral comparison (similarity search), providing solutions for trace evidence of explosives.

(2)Elemental spectrum of explosives



According to the three types of explosives, the explosives have different contents of metals or transition metals such as K, Fe, Zn, GA, as, Rb, Se, Nb, Te, etc. Phecda can establish the elemental fingerprint spectrum of explosives for the identification of explosives.

(3)Explosive Fragment Analysis Case description
   There are a number of cannons used by children to play. First, the soil samples at the explosion point are taken for background elemental composition analysis (green part), and the elemental composition analysis of the mixture with the soil after the blasting of the cannons (blue spectrum), soil background and explosive-contaminated soil The elemental composition is compared as follows:


  The range of elements analyzed in the low energy range (Mg-Ni) and the range of elements analyzed in the middle energy range (Cu-Mo), from the analysis of the two samples in the two energy ranges, the soil contaminated by the bomb blast is in P, S, Cl, K and As increased significantly, and it is precisely these elements that are the main elements in the cannonball.

Identification of element fingerprint spectrum paper
(1)Application Overview   
   In this case, High-sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometer combined with fast fundamental parameter method was used to compare the elemental spectrum of four common papers. It can be concluded that there are great differences in the elemental spectrum of different papers. It can also be applied to the identification and analysis of sources (or sample similarity) such as pen and ink, soot, cosmetics, body fluids, and hair.

(2)Elemental energy spectrum of different papers 


   It can be seen from the element X-ray energy spectrum of three energy segments (different energy segments correspond to different element ranges) that there are differences in element composition and content of different papers, and PHECDA and Fast FP can identify papers.

Application Features

♦ It is adaptive to all kinds of solid, liquid and powder samples
♦ Sample required as little as 50mg
♦ Non-destructive analysis of samples
♦ Rich in information, we can get element fingerprint spectrum, matrix background spectrum and element content
♦ The detection speed is fast, the detection time of each sample is 3~10 minutes
♦ Similarity search algorithm software (EleSS), supports self-built spectral library, with functions such as similarity search and spectral comparison.

Detection of hazardous heavy metals in food and drug environmental samples
(1)Range of application
It is suitable for rapid determination of heavy metal content in food, Chinese medicinal materials, and environmental substances (soil, solid waste, water quality, etc.).

(2)Performance data
Detection limit 

Heavy Metals Pb Cd Hg As Cr Ni Sn Tl
LD 0.07 0.03 0.1 0.06 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.08
note:Food and Medicine,Measure time is 600s.

Table 1. Accuracy summary of various types of food harmful elements

Sample ID As(mg/kg) Pb(mg/kg) Cd(mg/kg)
Certified FP value Relative erro Certified FP value Relative erro Certified FP value Relative erro
GBW10049(Green Onion) 0.52±0.11 0.5 -3% 1.34±0.16 1.3 -3% 0.19±0.02 0.16 -14%
GBW10018(Chicken) 0.109±0.013 0.14 —— 0.11±0.02 0.12 6% 0.005 0.088 ——
GBW07604(Leaves) 0.37±0.09 0.41 13% 1.5±0.3 1.28 -15% 0.32±0.07 0.31 -4%
GBW10024(Scallop) 3.6±0.6 3.5 -4% 0.12 0.18 —— 1.06±0.1 1 -5%
GBW10022(Garlic Powder) 0.31±0.04 0.3 -5% 0.72±0.09 0.84 17% 0.062 0.08 29%
GBW10050(Prawn) 2.5 2.6 4% 0.20±0.05 0.17 -15% 0.039±0.002 0.05 ——
GBW10051(Pork Liver) 1.4±0.3 1.4 3% 0.12±0.03 0.13 9% 1.00±0.07 0.87 -13%
GBW10048(Celery) 0.39±0.08 0.43 10% 2.7±0.7 2.15 -20% 0.092±0.006 0.15 ——
GBW10021(Beans) 0.15±0.02 0.22 —— 0.66±0.07 0.69 5% 0.02 0.024 24%
GBW(E)100377(Brown Rice) 0.498±0.030 0.58 18% 0.220±0.020 0.16 -26% 0.261±0.020 0.32 24%
GBW(E)100380(Corn) 0.277±0.023 0.337 22% 0.417±0.030 0.39 18% 0.045±0.004 0.09
GBW10046(Wheat) 0.025 0.021 -16% 0.067±0.016 0.023 0.018±0.002 0.035
METAL-DJTZK-014(Brown Rice) 0.616±0.047 0.76 23% 0.340±0.030 0.28 -17% 0.704±0.055 0.79 13%

(3)Feature and advantages
It is capable to detect the limit value level of heavy metals in food and drug environmental samples;
We participate in the formulation of national and industry method standards;
Sample processing is simple and the detection speed is fast;
The detection cost is low, and a single sample is less than 10 RMB.

Core technolog
Monochromatic focusing excitation technology 

Elemental detection sensitivity was improved by 2 orders of magnitude;
Trace metal elements can be analyzed by HS XRF ;                                               

(2)Fast Fundamental parameters(Fast FP®

Fundamental parameter library and advanced mathematical model are adopted
It can solve the uncertainty and analysis error caused by various effects of XRF
Elemental quantitative analysis of various samples without standard samples was achieved

Technical solutions

High Sensitivity X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer PHECDA-PRO (Portable) with Sample Preparation Kit
Host size: 420mm (W) X 350mm (D) X 220 (H)
Weight: 8.7kg

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