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Simultaneous determination of solid waste (S, Cl, F)
2022-06-24 09:02:43   

Application Summary
   With the process of industrialization and urbanization in China, the solid waste generated by various industries is increasing year by year, and a reasonable disposal of all kinds of solid waste has become an important issue related to the people's livelihood. Due to the corrosion of disposal equipment, environmental air pollutant and other factors, recycling and disposal enterprises need to know the hazardous element content timely. The analysis of sulfur content requires combustion-coulometric titration, and the chlorine and fluorine requires potentiometric titration after sample digestion, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is difficult to meet the needs of real-time, fast, and high-throughput analysis.
   Monochromatic excitation X-ray fluorescence spectrometer(MERAK-SC) significantly improves the sensitivity of light elements through monochromatic focusing excitation technology, so the content of fluorine, sulfur, chlorine and other main elements can be analyzed simultaneously. The fast fundamental parameter method significantly improves the analytical accuracy and broadens the sample adaptability, the sample processing is simple and the detection speed is fast, which provide scientific data support for the recovery and treatment of solid waste.

Methodological principles
(1)Hardware core technology
Monochromatic excitation X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (MERAK-SC)
Monochromatic focused excitation technology
The incident spectrum of the x-ray tube is monochromatically focused by a hyperboloid curved crystal, then irradiates on a sample, which reduces background interference caused by X-ray tube continuous scattering and increases the intensity of elemental fluorescent rays accepted by SDD detector. Thus, signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity of the elemental characteristic fluorescence are enhanced.

(2)Software core technology
Fast Fundamental Parameter Method (Fast FP2.0®)
The fundamental parameter library and advanced mathematical model are used for  calculation of the interference between elemental spectral lines, absorption enhancement effect , and background deduction, etc. therefore reliable calculated values are obtained, we only need a small amount of certified reference samples to further correct the deviation and improve the accuracy of quantification and adaptability to samples.

The performance data
(1)Elemental analysis range
Element N/O F Na\Mg\Al Si\P\S\Cl K~Zn
Detection Limit 1.5% 0.15% 0.03% 0.005% 0.003%
Analysis Range 5%~90% 0.5%~50% 0.1%~50% 0.02%~50% 0.01%~20%
Explanation: The element detection limit is related to the matrix composition, and the data in this experiment are obtained by using a water matrix for testing.

Elemental spectrum

Fig. 1: 1%  NaF  Analytical Spectrum

Fig. 2: 0.1% S, Cl Analytical Spectrum

  F S Cl
Times Standard values Test values Standard values Test values Standard values Test values
1 1% 0.957% 0.112% 0.093% 0.105% 0.093%
2 1% 1.114% 0.112% 0.097% 0.105% 0.094%
3 1% 0.976% 0.112% 0.096% 0.105% 0.093%
4 1% 1.087% 0.112% 0.096% 0.105% 0.095%
5 1% 1.186% 0.112% 0.096% 0.105% 0.095%
6 1% 0.92% 0.112% 0.098% 0.105% 0.096%
7 1% 1.076% 0.112% 0.099% 0.105% 0.096%
Average 1% 1.045% 0.112% 0.096% 0.105% 0.095%
RSD —— 9.2% —— 1.8% —— 1.2%
Operation steps

Features and Advantages

Wide range of sample adaptation

It is suitable for elemental analysis of liquid, powder, solid and other sample types.

   Wide range of elemental analysis


   Fast analysis speed

Simple sample handling, speed of analysis: 5 minutes per sample.

   High accuracy

High data consistency with standard methods.


   Easy to operate

Simple and reliable "foolproof" operation from hardware to software.

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