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Ancoren Introduction

Leading manufacturer of late-model X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

      Beijing Ancoren Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has gathered many elites who have been engaged in X-ray fluorescence R & D for many years, combined the advanced design concept with the advanced X-ray fluorescence technology, and constantly broke through the new technology in the field of X-ray fluorescence. The company has high Flux Johansson -Type DCC, Fast fundamental parameter method (Fast FP ) and other advanced technologies in the field of X-ray fluorescence, and successfully developed the first monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (MWD XRF) in China and the first high sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (HS XRF ®) in the world.
     The sensitivity of high sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has been greatly improved. The analytical field of XRF for elements has been extended from constant detection to trace detection. So it’s meet the demand of element analysis in more fields. The products are applied in petrochemical industry, environmental protection, food safety, building materials and other fields.
     The fundamental parameter method (FP) is an effective method of X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis. It can be used for quantitative analysis of sample elements in the case of few standard samples or even no standard samples. The Fast FP has the characteristics of fast, visualization, support for application development, accuracy, etc., which provides a reliable algorithm system support for rapid quantitative analysis of elements in various industries.
    With unremitting innovation spirit and leading technical strength, Ancoren makes high-quality scientific instruments, fills in the market gap, improves the use value of customers, and makes contributions to the development of science and technology!
    R & D direction:to be a unique product with wide market demand, innovation and integration of cutting-edge technology.
    Quality system: perfect product quality assurance system and strict quality inspection procedures;
Ancoren tenet: for the best quality and respected scientific instrument.
    Business philosophy: to meet and enhance the use value of customers ,and create and lead market demand.
    Corporate culture: to provide employees with an enterprise environment in which they can grow and share success with the enterprise.