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Join Us
    Ancoren is an innovative company integrating research and development, quality control and market development. We provide employees with an enterprise environment to display their talents, grow together with the company and share the company's success. We sincerely invite the following talents to join us.

With a strong interest in their own profession or expertise, and adhere to research, willing to become the top talent in the professional field;
Have strong learning ability, have the ability to master and use professional skills in different fields.

    Application Development
With strong interest in scientific experiment and applied analysis, and be able to combine theory with practice, put forward and solve problems.
Strict attitude, the requirements of product quality are nearly harsh, and good at solving problems by hand.

    Marketing & Sales
With strong ability to communicate with people, be able to exploit market by comprehensive utilization of resources, full of energy and physical strength

    Ancoren has entered the stage of rapid development. We do not make repetitive products. We are innovative and leading. If you have the above characteristics, joining Ancoren must be your the best choice!
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