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Cu/Cr/Ni/Mn Ore Element Content Detection
2022-07-06 10:14:49   

Application Overview



   Ore is the raw material for mineral smelting, and the determination of its element content is very important for mineral processing and smelting. The determination of major elements and trace elements in various ores usually adopts various analytical methods such as chemical titration, AA, ICP, ICP-MS, etc.

   The operation process is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Single-wavelength excitation-energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with fast fundamental parameter method is changing this situation. For various ore samples, the content of major elements and impurity elements can be analyzed simultaneously. The detection speed is fast, reducing the consumption of manpower and material resources. Bringing new elemental analysis methods to smelters.

Method principle
(1)Principle of monochromatic focusing excitation technology


The monochromatic excitation X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (HS XRF®) adopts the all-focusing hyperboloid curved crystal technology which monochromatically diffracts and focuses the characteristic rays of the target in the X-ray tube emission spectrum monochromatically to the sample point.And it significantly reduces the interference of the continuous scattered ray background in the X-ray tube emission spectrum on the sample elemental spectrum, and improves the elemental detection signal-to-noise ratio, reducing the detection limit by 1-2 orders of magnitude relative to the traditional XRF, thus, detection and analysis of the trace elements come true.
(2)Fast Fundamental Parameters(Fast FP)


    The Fast FP2.0 method establishes a library of fundamental parameters and a series of mathematical models for the explicit physical phenomena of X-ray fluorescence physics, and directly obtains the content of each element in the sample after a large number of calculations, solving the complexity and uncertainty of the quantitative analysis of XRF matrix effects, absorption enhancement effects between elements, spectral overlap interference, and various detector effects, and realizing the lack of standard samples. The quantitative analysis of sample elements in the absence of standard samples is achieved. Fast FP method improves the adaptability and quantitative accuracy of XRF samples.

Performance Data
(1)Types of ore and elements
 Four types of ores, chromite, nickel, copper and manganese were studied, with the elements of interest shown below
Sample Types Analysis element
Main Elements Cr, Ni, Cu, Mn
Primary elements Fe, S
Impurity elements Zn, Si, Mg, K, Ca
Trace elements Cd, Au, Ag, Sb, Bi, Mn, Cr, Ni, Co, Sn, Ba, Se
   As for samples above, Fast FP can rely on a small number (2-3) of fixed or standard samples to quickly develop relevant analytical methods and obtain highly accurate quantitative results.




(3)Accuracy and precision
Elements Cu(Cu-Ore) Cr(Cr-ore) Ni(Ni-ore) Mn(Mn-ore) Fe2O3 Ti Zn
Deviation range ±10% ±5% ±15% ±5% ±10% ±15% ±15%
RSD <0.3% <0.6% <0.5% <0.2% <0.1% <2.5% <0.16%
The accuracy results of the primary elements of the four ore standard samples

Sample ID Ni
Certified Found Relative Deviation
GBW07146 0.33% 0.30% -7.73%
GBW07147 1.02% 0.91% -11.16%
GBW07145 0.11% 0.11% -2.09%
ZBK410 5.71% 5.21% -8.79%
ZBK411 1.17% 1.09% -6.75%
ZBK413 1.70% 1.56% -8.18%
ZBK414 1.86% 1.76% -5.54%
ZBK415 1.97% 1.86% -5.84%
ZBK416 2.18% 1.99% -8.67%
ZBK417 3.98% 3.54% -11.18%
Sample ID Cu
Certified Found Relative Deviation
ZBK335 6.78% 6.85% 1.02%
ZBK336 12.79% 12.47% -2.50%
GBW07233 1.15% 1.30% 12.96%
ZBK336-1 12.79% 12.53% -2.03%
ZBK339 8.46% 7.59% -10.27%
ZBK339-粉末 8.46% 8.86% 4.70%
ZBK336-粉末 12.79% 13.20% 3.21%

Sample ID Mn(%)
Certified Found Relative Deviation
WK752 22.09 22.35 1.18%
WK753 26.25 26.7 1.71%
WK755 35.71 36.51 2.24%
GBW07265 22.54 25.28 12.16%
GBW070181 48.93 50.7 3.62%
GBW070182 42.44 43.59 2.71%
Sample ID Cr
Certified Found Relative Deviation
ZBK440 18.85% 18.96% 0.58%
ZBK441 22.58% 22.43% -0.66%
ZBK442 31.98% 33% 3.19%
GBW07818-粉末 12.04% 12.35% 2.57%
GSBD33001.1-94 24.84% 24.79% -0.20%
GSBD33001.2-94 26.55% 26.67% 0.45%
    High sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with fast fundamental parameters method which can quickly establish the analytical method for Cu, Ni, Mn, Cr four ore samples. Through the accurate calculation of the matrix effect and element absorption enhancement effect, the analysis error caused by various interferences can be eliminated, the background interference can be greatly decreased, and the detection limit can be reduced; there is an excellent linear relationship between the calculated value and the true value, and the main element Fast and accurate quantification can be achieved without calibration or with minimal calibration.

Features and advantages
    Simple sample preparation

The ore is uniformly processed by crushing, grinding, etc. to more than 80 mesh, and the ore product can be tested with a test plane of 1cm².
   Fast analysis speed

The full elemental analysis time of the sample is less than 10 minutes.

   Wide application range

Four different types of ores, Cu, Ni, Mn, and Cr can be tested with one application method, or individual applications and calibration curves can be developed for specific types of ores to further improve accuracy.

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