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Rapid determination of precious metal content in ternary catalyst
2022-06-29 09:10:28   

Application overview
   The ternary catalyst can catalyze the redox reaction of carbon monoxide, nitrogen hydrogen compounds and nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust gas and reduce the pollution of automobile exhaust gas. It is an indispensable part of the automobile industry. It contains platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd) , rhodium (Rh) and other precious metals, the recovery of ternary catalysts and the identification of true and false require effective analysis and detection methods.

   Traditional X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) cannot detect the low content of precious metals in ternary catalyst (mg/kg). PHECDA Series of Single-wavelength X-ray fluorescence Spectrometer (HS XRF) developed by Ancoren (patent number: ZL 2015 1 0567341.1), combined with Fast fundamental parameter method  (Fast FP), can be used for rapid detection of precious metals in terpolymer catalysts, with advantages of simple operation, low detection limit, high accuracy and fast detection speed.

Technical Principles 
(1)Monochromatic focused excitation technology
●  Improve element detection sensitivity by 2 orders of magnitude

●   HS XRF enables analysis of trace metal elements
    (Patent No. : ZL 2015 1 0567341.1) 

(2)Fast fundamental parameter method

●  Utilize basic parameter library and a series of advanced mathematical models.

●  Solve the uncertainty and analysis error caused by various effects of XRF.

●   Realize elemental quantitative analysis of various samples without standard samples.

Performance parameters 

(1 )Range of element analysis
Table 1 Element types and measurement range

Element Pt Rh Pd CeO2 ZrO2
Detection limit 1.5ppm 1.5ppm 2.5ppm 0.15% 0.01%
Analysis scope 5ppm~99% 5ppm~99% 10ppm~99% 0.5%~50% 0.04%~99%

Continued Table 1 Element types and measurement range
Element La2O3 Pr6O11 Y2O3 Hf2O BaO
Detection limit 0.10% 0.10% 0.01% 12ppm 0.02%
Analysis scope 0.4%~50% 0.4%~50% 0.05%~50% 50ppm~50% 0.09%~99%
 Note: The detection limits of the above elements were obtained by repeated determination of catalyst samples with low content of each element for 7 times.
Table 2 Accuracy determination of precious metal elements in standard samples

Element Platinum (Pt) Rhodium (Rh) Palladium (Pd)
Sample FLX-132 FLX-133 FLX-132 FLX-133 FLX-132 FLX-133
Standard value 0.177% 465 295 242 0.167% 1070
Test value 0.168% 440 298 251 0.116% 930
Relative deviation -5.33% -5.48% 0.91% 3.76% -30.71% -13.06%
Note: The unit is mg/kg unless otherwise noted. Flx-132/133 is a ternary catalyst standard sample from FLUXANA®, Germany.
(3)Elemental spectrum

Figure 1. Pt, Rh, Pt analysis spectrum of 5ppm trace actual samples

Table 3 Repeatability determination of precious metal elements in standard samples

Element Platinum (Pt) Rhodium (Rh) Palladium (Pd)
Sample Name FLX-133 FLX-133 FLX-133
Standard value 465 242.0 0.107%
test1 436.2 250.8 847.7
test2 445.6 252.1 870.2
test3 436.4 250.1 960.3
test4 443.3 250.3 1140.0
test5 440.7 252.8 1040.0
test6 439.2 250.7 879.6
test7 435.2 250.9 934.2
Average 440 251.1 0.097%
RSD 0.89% 0.39% 19.4%
Features and advantages
   Fast detection

Simultaneously analyze precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals), and complete a sample analysis in 5~10 minutes.

   Low detection limit

Single wavelength focused excitation technology innovatively reduces the detection limit of noble metal content to PPM level.

   Simple sample preparation

Can test solid, powder, liquid and other samples, provide sample preparation equipment and methods.

   On-site or laboratory testing

The instrument is highly portable, and can complete on-site material precious metal content detection in any place and environment; at the same time, it can also provide laboratory automatic testing equipment, which can complete automatic testing of a large number of samples.

   Low testing cost

Analysis cost of single sample within 10 YUAN.

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