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  •  In the cement production process, the chemical composition and mineral composition of raw materials, cement raw materials and cement clinker must be determined in real time to control and optimize the process and ensure product quality.


    Accurate analysis of the elemental composition of raw materials, cement raw materials, cement clinker and cement products in the cement production process is particularly important, which is very important for promoting the production process in the most cost-effective manner to obtain the highest product quality.


    Chemical analysis methods are cumbersome and inefficient and cannot meet the requirements for real-time monitoring of quality and real-time adjustment of ingredients. The large-scale wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer used in the cement industry in recent decades has greatly improved the analysis efficiency and precision, but such X The ray fluorescence spectrometer has high requirements on the operating environment, and the cost of its operation, maintenance, and repair is extremely high, which causes great pressure on the testing cost of the cement industry.


    The new generation of high-sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometer developed and manufactured by ANCOREN  is characterized by high precision and miniaturization. At the same time, its maintenance and repair costs are very low, and it fully meets the requirements of national standard  "GB/T 176 cement chemical analysis The requirements of the "Method" .  The success of development and manufacturing has greatly improved the level of detection of elemental content in the cement industry.


    A perfect fusion of two X-ray fluorescence technologies, single wavelength excitation and secondary target;

    • Accuracy
    Easily meet the "GB/T176 cement chemical analysis method" accuracy requirements;

    • Stability
    The whole machine has no moving parts, combined with a light path locking system to ensure long-term stable operation;

    • cost saving
    No refrigeration, vacuum, cylinder gas, etc., strong environmental adaptability, low operating costs;


  • • stability

          Samples can be tested within 10 minutes of startup, with excellent stability regardless of continuous testing, daily testing, or long-term testing.

    • Low consumption

             No vacuum, no helium, no refrigeration, ultra-low failure rate ensures long-term stable operation;

    • Miniaturization

         Adopt professional and customized low-power X-ray tube, digital high-voltage power supply module, and high integrated circuit system to ensure low maintenance and repair costs;

    • Fast detection

         120 seconds to complete a sample analysis;

    • Networking

        Data can be uploaded to the laboratory information management system (LIMS system), and instrument data can also be linked to the DCS system;

    • Big Data

    For group users, data can be uploaded to the group management system in real time to facilitate monitoring and management of cement quality.



    Comparison between Several types of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for the cement industry



    Items compared

    WD XRF                              

    ED XRF

    HS XRF  ®



    HighMeet "GB176 cement chemical analysis method"

    Medium In the determination of light elements such as sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine and other elements, it is difficult to meet the “GB176 cement chemical analysis method”

    High Meet "GB176 cement chemical analysis method"

    in the cement industry to be able to accurately analyze elements such as sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, calcium, and ironis a mandatory requirement

    Holding and operating costs





    Maintenance costs 




    For X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, the main components for consumption and maintenance are light pipes, high-voltage power supplies, vacuum systems, electrical systems, etc.

    Daily consumption

    HighNeeds methane gas and vacuum system

    LowNo gas required

    LowNo gas and vacuum required

    Power consumption, gas, vacuum

    Environmental requirements

    harshNeed to strictly control room temperature, humidity, refrigeration, etc.


    LowNo harsh requirements on the environment



  • Application of High Performance X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer in Cement Industry
    —— analyzer of all elements in Cement  that meets the repeatability requirements of GB/T 176

    MERAK-CEMII adopts the cobination technology  of monochromatization by double curved crystal and secondary target to realize the sumultaneous and complete analysis of Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, and Fe.

  • Solution for analyzing all elements in cement
    —— High-sensitivity X-ray fluorescence spectrometry MERAK-CEMII integrates two cutting-edge technologies in the field of X-ray fluorescence

     Integrated monochrome excitation and secondary target technology to improve the detection sensitivity of light elements, without vacuum, refrigeration and gas, strong environmental adaptability, low frequency of maintenance and repair, accuracy better than the "GB176 cement chemical analysis method" requirements , It is the best choice for the cement industry to enhance its elemental analysis capabilities.